As Halloween approaches, why not combine the eerie atmosphere of the season with the beauty of nature? Vertical gardening offers a unique opportunity to create a hauntingly green space that's both spooky and enchanting. In this blog, we'll explore creative ideas for incorporating Halloween elements into your vertical garden. Plus, we've curated a list of essential supplies available on Amazon to help you bring your spooky garden to life. 

Create Creepy Skeletal Trees for Halloween 

Supplies Needed

Artificial deciduous tree options: birch, maple, ash (Links to lifelike artificial trees on Amazon)
Fake spiderweb decor (Link)
Halloween skeleton figurines(Link)
Black spray paint (Link)
Fishing line or nylon thread (Link)


Select a lifelike artificial deciduous tree with thin, bare branches. Birch, maple, ash work well.
Position tree in desired indoor or covered outdoor location. Make sure it's secure.
Spray paint small skeleton figurines black. Allow to fully dry before handling.
Affix fake spiderwebs to branches using fishing line or thread. Drape for a floating look.
Hang blackened skeletons from branches with fishing line in scary poses.
Weave in Halloween-themed signs or accents like crows, bats, and spiders.
Come Halloween, your skeletal tree will impress and frighten your guests!
Reinforce key details like:

Choosing lightweight artificial trees for easy decorating
Securing spiderwebs and skeletons firmly to avoid damage
Repositioning decorations to maximize scary impact

Create a Pumpkin Patch Tower for Festive Fall Style

Supplies Needed

Metal tower planter approx 3-4 ft tall (Link on Amazon)
Potting soil (Link)
Pumpkin seeds or seedlings (Link) Mini gourd plants like ornamental gourds (Link)
Fall decor like faux leaves, hay bales, corn stalks (Links)
Raffia, twine, ribbon (Links)


Fill tower planter 2/3 full with potting soil, pack down gently.
Plant pumpkin seeds or seedlings in the top of the tower.
Arrange mini gourd plants around the base and let trail upwards.
Water soil regularly, allow to partially dry between waterings.
Fertilize monthly with all-purpose plant food.
As vines grow, gently guide them over sides and down exterior.
Tuck faux leaves, raffia, ribbons into soil and on vines.
Wrap hay bales or corn stalks decoratively around the base.
Display tower in direct sun for best growth.
Let your pumpkin patch tower become the focal point of your fall decor!Customize with gourds, vines, and embellishments.

Build a Spooky Dracula's Garden with Bleeding Fang Planters

Supplies Needed

Creepy Dracula-inspired succulent planters with “blood” dripping down tall skinny ceramic pots (Link) to set of 2 tall black cylinder pots)
Red succulents like echeveria (Link), red hen and chicks (Link)
Reindeer moss (Link)
Pebbles and gravel (Link)
Wooden dowels (Link)
Dracula figurine (Link)
Fangs and bat decorations (Link)

Fill pots with pebbles/gravel, then reindeer moss pressed in tightly.
Arrange red succulents in moss. Insert dowels on an angle for “fangs.”
Let succulent leaves hang over pot edges like blood dripping.
Display pots together with Dracula figurine. Accent with fangs and bats.
Care for succulents by allowing soil to dry out between waterings.
Give guests a fright with these blood-curdling Dracula-themed succulent planters! Perfect for a spooky Halloween display. 

Build a Skeletal Skeleton Garden for Spooky Decor

Supplies Needed

Set of 7 hanging pot kits (Link)

Trailing ivy plants (Link)

Skeleton figurines (Link)

  1. Assemble the hanging pots using the included materials in each kit.
  2. Plant one trailing ivy plant in each assembled hanging pot. Water well after planting.
  3. Attach skeleton figurines to the hanging pots using provided adhesive, fishing line, or floral wire.
  4. Mount your finished skeleton gardens on a wall or railing. Stagger them at different heights for best effect.
  5. Allow ivy to grow and trail over the sides of the pots. Maintain moist soil.
  6. Come Halloween, your creepy skeletons will look like they are floating through your garden!

Choose vertical planters or pots in different sizes to represent the head, ribcage, hips, and legs. A 5-planter skeleton works well.
Clean and dry the planters fully. Use white spray paint and a brush to coat the outside of each planter. Let dry.
Arrange the painted planters in a skeleton shape by stacking or connecting them with stakes/dowels. Keep head planter on top.
Plant succulents, trailing vines, or moss in the planters. Focus on thin, boney-looking plants.
Use fishing line to hang or attach fake bones around the planters. Drape vines out of the head planter.
Place a skeleton figurine in the head planter or attach one to the stakes with more fishing line.
Encourage vine growth to extend throughout the skeleton for a more decrepit look over time.
Come Halloween, accent with spiders, cobwebs, tombstones, and other undead decor!
Customize your skeletal garden by picking creepy plants and arranging the planters in different undead poses. Have ghoulish fun growing this ghostly garden!

DIY Hanging Bat Gardens for Spooky Decor

Supplies Needed

  • Black planting pots (Link)
  • Ivy, creeping fig, or other trailing vines(Link)
  • Potting mix (Link)
  • Felt or black construction paper (Link)
  • Scissors (Link)
  • Fishing line or string (Link)
  • Hole punch (Link)


Bring your garden to life with these creepy hanging bat gardens! By planting trailing vines in black pots and adding felt bat cutouts, you can easily create an eerie bat display perfect for Halloween.:

  1. Fill black planting pots partway with potting mix. Plant trailing vines like ivy or creeping fig, 1-2 plants per pot.
  2. Cut out simple bat shapes from black felt or construction paper. Punch holes near the top.
  3. Hang pots at varying heights along a wall or railing using fishing line threaded through the drainage holes.
  4. Tie a length of fishing line to each felt bat and attach them to the vines, spacing out the bats.
  5. Allow the vines to grow and trail over the sides of the pots. Mist often and provide good sunlight.
  6. As the vines grow longer, rearrange and retie the hanging bats for the best effect.
  7. Come Halloween, your spooky bat gardens are ready to fly across your space and impress!


Build a Haunted House Plant Garden for Halloween

Supplies Needed

  • 2-3 wooden pallets or shipping crates (Link)
  • Assortment of mosses (Link)
  • Air plants (Link)
  • Trailing vines like ivy or jasmine (Link)
  • Fishing line or twine (Link)
  • Ghost decorations (optional) (Link)


  1. Stack pallets or crates into the shape of a house, utilizing overlapping angles for dimension.
  2. Secure the structure together by screwing pallets into each other or tying with twine.
  3. Decorate the “walls” and “roof” with sheets of mood moss, pressed into any cracks or holes.
  4. Arrange air plants throughout the house shape by tying them on with fishing line or tucking into moss.
  5. Plant trailing vines at the base and train them to climb up and across the pallets for an overgrown look.
  6. Accent with ghostly decorations like small white pumpkin lights or sheer fabric ghosts.
  7. Mist your haunted house frequently to maintain moisture for the mosses and plants.


Build a Spine-Chilling Graveyard Garden for Halloween

Supplies Needed

  • Wooden planks or foam sheets (Link)
  • Paint and paintbrushes (Link)
  • Moss (Link)
  • Gravel or mulch (Link)
  • Black hollyhocks or other tall flowers Link)
  • Container gardens or flower beds (Link)


  1. Cut wooden planks or foam into tombstone shapes. Paint gravestone designs or text on them with acrylic paint.
  2. Prepare container gardens or flower beds surrounding the area you want to place your graveyard.
  3. Place planks into containers at angles or press foam tombstones partway into soil. Pack moss around the base.
  4. Plant tall black hollyhocks or dark flowers behind the headstones. Focus on height and drama.
  5. Surround the grave markers with small rocks, gravel or dark mulch to create an eerie path through the graveyard.
  6. Position battery-operated candles around the space for a flickering glow after dark.
  7. Ensure flowers and moss are watered well and let your ghostly graveyard overgrow for added effect. 

Create a Skeletal Scarecrow Succulent Planter for Halloween 

Supplies Needed

Square ceramic planter, black (Link) to 12x12" planter)
Assortment of small succulents (Links) to variety packs) 

  • Reindeer moss (Link)
  • Skeleton glove props (Link)
  • Straw gardening hat Gravel (Link)
  • Fake blood gel Link)
  • Mini crows, ravens, or spiders (Link)


Fill bottom of planter with gravel, then succulent soil mix.
Arrange succulents to form a scarecrow face and torso. Use moss for gaps.
Attach skeleton glove props with floral putty or wire to make hands.
Affix straw hat to top of planter with hat pins or glue. Let hat tilt.
Use pipette or syringe to dot eyes with blood gel so it drips down.
Accent with mini crow sitting on brim of hat for creepy touch.
Display planter in bright, indirect sunlight. Allow soil to dry between waterings.
Refresh blood as it dries so scarecrow appears freshly gory!
Give trick-or-treaters a good fright with this spine-chilling succulent scarecrow! Adapt the gory details to suit your style.

 A creepy skeleton arm terrarium hanging on a wall.

Supplies Needed


  • Glass terrarium, cylinder shape (Link)
  •  Skeleton arm prop (Link)
  • Hanging kit - chains, hooks, mounting hardware (Link)
  • Assorted small succulents (Link)
  • Skeleton figurines, bones, other deco (Link)


Affix hanging kit hardware to back of glass terrarium. Test strength before planting.
Cover bottom with pebbles and gravel for drainage. Top with moss layer.
Arrange succulents and decor inside, keeping arm in center and plants around it.
Let reindeer moss creep up arm for skeletal effect. Keep plants low.
Hang arm terrarium securely on wall with included hardware.
Care for succulents by allowing soil to dry before watering. Mist moss for humidity.
Refresh decor over time - add cobwebs, spiders, new bones for the arm!
Make an eerie statement with a suspended skeletal arm terrarium 

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